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Meet Hal. He is the hero to the lonely middle-aged man at home jerking off to porn. He describes himself as: 50 years old, married, an ex-marine in fair condition for an old bastard, I am absolutely NOT good looking! Even with that immense problem, he manages to fuck and then photograph several hundred women a year, sometimes 5 or 6 in a single night. He says the only thing he has going for him is the gift of bullshit and a fairly large cock that "I somehow manage to keep hard at my age." This site was originally put up just for fun with absolutely no promotion. Yet, men found it and are signing up like crazy with retention that has amazed all of us. Members live vicariously through Hal as he fucks and sucks new women every week. He is living their dream and with the advice he gives them, they could live it too. This is the site for true amateur fans. Niche: Single guy who fucks all ages of women both black and white.

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